About Us
Metro Changers, Inc. is a faith based, non-profit 501(c)-3 organization, focused on the great need of repairing and improving the conditions of substandard housing that face the elderly, and the low - moderate income home owners in the Birmingham area.
Since 1998, our mission has been to  provide construction services for the rehabilitation of homes for low to moderate income homeowners through home repairs and also to show the love of Christ in eliminating substandard housing in the city of Birmingham, Alabama
To do this, we provide renovation and home repair services at no cost, to the qualified homeowners who would not be able to afford these repairs. 

Core Values

We will be honest, truthful, and reliable in all we do.

We will be open, responsible and answerable for all our tasks and finances.
We will strive to bring quality and merit to our mission.
We will develop partnership among like-minded individuals and organizations.